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by Matt C.:

Lessons learned from the early days of Google
Earlier this month I did a talk at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill about lessons learned from the early days of Google. The video is now online and watchable, or you can watch it on YouTube: We did the talk in a pretty large room, and the camera at the back of […]
My two favorite books of 2014
I’d like to mention two books that stood out for me in 2014: Nonfiction: The First 20 Minutes. Gretchen Reynolds is a New York Times columnist who distills health and exercise research down to practical, readable advice. I’ve never dog-eared as many pages in a book as The First 20 Minutes. Reynolds writes about why […]
Fun mosaic effect with Go
A few months ago I saw a cool mosaic effect in a Wired ad for CA Technologies. Here’s what part of the ad looked like: I liked the ad, so I wondered how they did it. Can you see out how to create a similar effect? Take a minute to figure it out as an […]
An investment reading list
If you’ve read Scott Adams’ financial advice and my financial tips in case you win a startup lottery, then you might be interested in a few more pointers to good resources. Some web pages and books: – Don’t Play the Losers’ Game, by Henry Blodget. This is a short, accessible piece that explains why picking […]
New 30 day challenge: “hermit mode”
I’ve been spending more time surfing the web on my laptop than I’d like to. I’ve also noticed more emails that lure me into short tasks, but eventually eat up a large chunk of my day. I’d prefer to be spending more time working on projects, reading, and unplugging. So my new 30 day challenge […]
30 day challenge wrap-up: writing
So how did I do on my 30 day writing challenge? Well, the picture tells the story: Not too bad! I did miss one day, but here’s a secret about 30 day challenges: if you miss a day or two, you can just keep doing the challenge for another day or so at the end. […]
Buy Viagra online?
Working in webspam, we sometimes use the phrase “buy Viagra online” as an example of a search query that might be spammy. That’s why I noticed and remembered the 2013 announcement that you can officially buy Viagra online. As this Time article points out, you’ve actually been able to buy Viagra online through legitimate pharmacy […]
Thanksgiving turkey hat
Because not every blog post has to be serious: Special thanks to my friend Amy who crocheted this masterpiece! Amy also works with an awesome group of volunteers that crochets dolls for kids fighting cancer and other illnesses.
Nine hard-won lessons about money and investing
Any time you talk about money, you risk sounding like a jerk. I’m going to take that risk in this post. I’ll start out by talking about a couple ways I shot myself in the foot financially and what I learned as a result. Your mileage may vary. Before we start, you might want to […]
I’m thankful for family and friends and good health and so many wonderful people I’ve had the pleasure of working with at Google. But I’m also thankful for airplanes: “You want to see your family? It would take months to walk to them, but come sit in this metal tube and thanks to some interesting […]
Google Trash Can Recovers Your Deleted Analytics
A new recovery feature for Google Analytics means that users will never again have to worry about deleting data or accounts. Trash Can will safely save information in a in a recovery folder.
Adobe Finds Google's CTR Growing Faster Than Its CPC
Google’s click-through-rate growth is outpacing its cost-per-click growth, according to Adobe's Digital Index’s Q4 Digital Advertising Benchmark report.
YP Data Helps National Brands Go Local
YP is using search data to deliver real-time, cross-device ads based on local search history. The ads will appear on mobile even if customers search on desktop and vice versa.
Analyzing AdWords With Analytics Treemaps
The Treemaps report in Google Analytics allows search marketers to quickly spot the strong and weak areas of their AdWords accounts, helping drive attention to the right places.
Back to Basics – Goal Reports in Google Analytics
There’s a lot to be said for going back to basics and reviewing what data you have in Google Analytics. Take a fresh look at your goals at least twice a year and use the tips in this post to understand their results better.
3 Underused Insights From AdWords’ Dimensions Tab
These three pieces of data that can be found in the Dimensions tab often go unnoticed, but they can be extremely useful for search marketers.
Organic Conversion Reporting: Is It Accurate?
These are the six most frequently occurring conversion tracking mistakes that you yourself may be falling victim to.
Google CEO Predicts the Internet Will "Disappear"
Google CEO Eric Schmidt has predicted that the Internet as we know it today will disappear in the future, thanks to the Internet of Things.
Bing Ads Lets Marketers Preview Bid Changes in Real-Time
Bing Ads has released a new feature that allows users to make bid changes, and see in real time if the changes will increase the performance of their ad.
Google Attempts to Reclaim Users After Yahoo & Mozilla Deal
In order to recapture some of the users it lost to Yahoo after its deal with Mozilla, Google has released instructions on how to switch back to setting its search engine as the default.
Cut Through the PPC Clutter With One Simple Word
In addition to its many other functions, PPC can serve as inspiration for innovation. Take a look at how.
Using AdWords Scripts for PPC Campaign Management
Few understand the power of AdWords scripts, and even fewer still use them to capacity. So here's a look at how to use them to their fullest potential.
Google Rumored to Be Planning Wireless Service
The tech giant reportedly wants to force networks to offer better mobile speeds and prices.
6 Degrees of SEO Separation – From Data to Content Performance
As the SEO discipline grows, the borders and gaps between other disciplines grow smaller.
How to Define, Track, and Optimize PPC AdWords ROI
For Google advertisers, 2015 stands to profit heavily from AdWords advertisements. Here's how to get the most out of it.
Google's Search Share Goes to Yahoo, comScore Reports
Google's share of the U.S. desktop search market dipped from 67 percent to 65.4 percent from November to December of last year, according to comScore's monthly qSearch analysis.
Bing Rolls Out Enhanced Sitelinks to Global Audiences
Now, Enhanced Sitelinks are available to Bing Ads customers in all markets, worldwide.
Bing and Yahoo Test Google Search Engine Traits
All Google Testing released some new code so users could see what Bing and Yahoo would look like with Google's functionality.
SEO Advice for the SMB
There have been very few things that have made SEO easier for the SMB, so what is a small business owner to do?
Taking a Closer Look at Google In-Market vs. Affinity Audiences
New features and targeting options are added all the time to the Google Display Network, so here's a deeper peek at two recent developments that could use extra definition.
Google Limits "Right to Be Forgotten" to Europe
Outsiders can continue to put up with the slings and arrows of outrageous searches.
Are Keywords Relevant to SEO in 2015?
Take a look at this analysis of onsite optimization factors that matter far more than keyword presence.
2 Mindhacks to Keep Marketers From Losing Out
Turns out our brains can be tricked, and there are ways we as marketers can capitalize.
5 SEO Myths to Forget in 2015
Let’s reset and get 2015 started on the right foot. The industry is running on some bad myths right now and though most have been said, they bear repeating.
Google Knowledge Graph Updates Upcoming Events Functionality
In order to improve upon the Knowledge Graph's usability for concert-goers, Google has added four new features/upgrades.
Should Search Marketers Spend More Time Optimizing for Apps or Mobile Web?
A new study from the IAB shows that search marketers should consider a combination of both app and mobile Web usage in order to reach the most consumers.
3 Simple Ways to Optimize Your AdWords Remarketing Campaign Now
While the possibilities are seemingly endless, there are a few "go-to" areas in your remarketing campaign you can analyze first when you want to boost your ROI. With a few small adjustments and tests, you can garner significant results.
4 Ways SEO and UX Experts Can Work Together to Improve Web Development
SEOs will have a better chance at being included in development projects as a forethought rather than an afterthought if we can find the right ways to partner with our UX counterparts.
Google Maps Update Makes Cities More Searchable
Google's latest update to its Maps app will help mobile users to better search for restaurants on Android and iOS and will also allow businesses owners to better control their listings.
"Store Visits" Metric in Google AdWords Measures Offline Conversions
The new metrics allow you to see the impact of your search ads on in-store traffic.
The New Normal in 2015: ASO Strategies, RTB, & Programmatic Marketing
Most industry professionals probably already know how app store optimization (ASO), real-time bidding (RTB), and programmatic marketing can impact their business. But what are the things to watch out for?
Google Opens Its Domain Registration Service Doors
Google's domains will now be available to everyone in the United States.
3 Messages Your Rankings Are Sending
Sometimes keyword reports have a bigger story to tell. At least they do if you know how to read between the keywords.
Yes, People Shop on Their Phones Now. Get Used to It!
Consumers are searching for, looking at, and clicking extensively on specific products on their phones very frequently. Even if they don’t end up buying, they are deeply engaged in the shopping process while on their devices.
Master LinkedIn Search for Faster Access to People and Jobs
In order to support the demand for its platform, LinkedIn has been working to improve the functionality of its search.
Why Is Link Dev So Expensive?
A lot goes into getting a good link, and a ton goes into getting a great link.
Google Translate Update Challenges Microsoft’s Skype Translator
Additional capability will be added to Google Translate to allow speech to be converted into text in real-time.
2015 Guide to Free SEO Training Courses Online
Here is a suggested syllabus for developing an organic search specialist, comprised of free, readily available tools found on the Web.
3 Challenges Faced by Enterprise SEOs in 2015
Here are three key issues that SEO departments working in and with big organizations will have to overcome if they are going to stay relevant in 2015.
5 Key Reasons Why Paid Search Should Be Part of Your Inbound Strategy
Inbound marketing is about nurturing the customer through the journey to purchase. And paid search is a strategic element of that journey.