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by Matt C.:

Halloween 2015: USB Drive
I went a little overboard for Halloween last year. And as you can tell from my the Halloween category on my blog, sometimes I get a little too excited about Halloween. So this year I decided to go quick, easy, and lo-fi as a USB drive: To make a thumb drive/USB key, I just took […]
Give Google Contributor a try
Recently I’ve seen several interesting conversations about ad blocking, and I wanted to remind people about a great offering called Google Contributor. With Google Contributor, you contribute a certain amount of money each month. That subscription means that you see fewer ads on the web, and you support the sites that you visit with your […]
Berkshire Hathaway
My taste in financial advice runs toward the simple and the lessons I’ve learned the hard way. But I still like reading about investing/finance, and I recently read through the 2014 annual report for Berkshire Hathaway. Given that it was the 50th anniversary of Warren Buffett taking charge of Berkshire, I have to admit that […]
My next project: AutoSEO
This was an April Fool’s joke. I’ve been working really hard with some friends on a project to handle SEO automatically. Now we’re ready to take the wraps off it over at One of the ideas that helped the World Wide Web succeed was that it separated presentation and content. You could write your […]
Next 30 day challenge: social media/news cleanse
For January 2015, I tried to declutter around the house for 15 minutes a day. We now have a couple rooms that are much cleaner, and I gave away a bunch of magazines. For February 2015, my 30 day challenge was to go on daily 15 minute walks with my wife. That was nice. Lately […]
Fixing “full path disclosure” issues
Whether you’re running a web service or a blog, you should always keep your software fully patched to prevent attacks and minimize your attack surface. Another smart step is to prevent full path disclosures. For example, if your blog or service throws an error like “Warning: require(ABSPATHwp-includes/load.php) [function.require]: failed to open stream: No such file […]
Lessons learned from the early days of Google
Earlier this month I did a talk at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill about lessons learned from the early days of Google. The video is now online and watchable, or you can watch it on YouTube: We did the talk in a pretty large room, and the camera at the back of […]
My two favorite books of 2014
I’d like to mention two books that stood out for me in 2014: Nonfiction: The First 20 Minutes. Gretchen Reynolds is a New York Times columnist who distills health and exercise research down to practical, readable advice. I’ve never dog-eared as many pages in a book as The First 20 Minutes. Reynolds writes about why […]
Fun mosaic effect with Go
A few months ago I saw a cool mosaic effect in a Wired ad for CA Technologies. Here’s what part of the ad looked like: I liked the ad, so I wondered how they did it. Can you see out how to create a similar effect? Take a minute to figure it out as an […]
An investment reading list
If you’ve read Scott Adams’ financial advice and my financial tips in case you win a startup lottery, then you might be interested in a few more pointers to good resources. Some web pages and books: – Don’t Play the Losers’ Game, by Henry Blodget. This is a short, accessible piece that explains why picking […]
Happy Thanksgiving from the Search Engine Watch team
Join us as we set our 'out of office' till Monday 30 November and find the roomiest pair of sweatpants in our wardrobe.
Are Thanksgiving traditions a relic of the past? A Google Trends investigation
Using Google Trends data, here's a look into what the most popular traditions are and find out just how much things have changed since 1621.
Strategy advice for designing and building a mobile-friendly site
A mobile-friendly site (or app) is not an end; it is a means to that end.
What are the busiest times for stores on Black Friday?
If you want to avoid the crowds on Black Friday, avoid shopping between 2pm and 4pm. At least, thats what Google's location data says.
Google announces new store visit metrics in AdWords
Google has today announced new features for its store visits metric for AdWords users.
Google releases 160 pages of search quality guidelines
In 2013, Google publicly shared its advice to those who perform content checks, which helped to shine a light on what it considers ‘quality’.
Three user behavior metrics that make a difference in SEO
Why a well-rounded SEO approach must include optimizing for user behavior as well as keywords. [Sponsored content]
Paid search and PPC: a super accessible beginner’s guide
This will hopefully touch on all the various elements you might hear uttered in the same breath as paid search, taking in such puzzling acronyms as PPC, CPM, CPC and SERP.
Twitter kills share counts, hands end of dirty stick to distributors
A couple of months ago, Twitter revealed that it was going to release new-look ‘tweet’ buttons with the share counts removed.
Six of the most interesting SEM stories of the week
Welcome to our weekly round-up of all the latest news and research from around the world of search marketing and beyond.
Google’s five key success factors for effective teams
There’s more to building a team than simply assembling a bunch of the smartest people you can find.
Nine useful mobile stats from ClickZ Live: Chicago 2015
This week I had the opportunity to attend the ClickZ Live in Chicago to talk with some of the leaders in mobile design, advertising and engagement.
Three B2B landing pages and how they were improved
Today, we’ll take a look at three unique cases of B2B landing pages, the challenges, the recommended solutions and what happened.
ClickZ Live Chicago recap: Scott Shamberg on mobile payments and multichannel retail
Why the over-used phrase "this is the year of mobile" may actually be true this year. Sort of.
What is app indexing and why is it important?
Imagine a version of Google where any search you do on your mobile will serve results from not just the mobile web but the apps on your phone too…
Preparing your ecommerce SEO strategy before the holiday code freeze
Search professionals need to sharpen their SEO strategies prior to the holiday IT lockdown.
Three steps to promoting linkable assets for shares, links and relationships
Securing links doesn’t happen by creating linkable assets, it happens by promoting linkable assets to relevant, engaged site owners.
How to set up a content marketing radar station in Slack
I’m going to show you a technique that may help cure your content discovery headaches.
How to get an exact match vanity URL for YouTube
I recently went through the process of setting up a YouTube channel for one of my websites and came across a very unusual issue…
Remarketing tips with Bing Ads
Remarketing allows you to re-engage with the audiences that have previously visited your site. Here's three valuable audience segments and some insider tips that will get you off to a flying start with remarketing.
Will 2015's SEO best practices carry over into 2016?
As we near the end of 2015, it’s important to consider which elements of your SEO campaign will be relevant throughout 2016 and which ones might expire or change in unfamiliar ways.
RankBrain: SEO friend or foe?
Meet RankBrain, a machine-learning artificial intelligence that interprets what someone is searching for and presents that request in new ways.
Seven of the most interesting SEM stories and stats of the week
Welcome to our weekly round-up of all the latest news and research from around the world of search marketing and beyond.
Google's Q3 earnings: how did mobile search perform?
Google recently released its Q3 earnings, citing strength in overall results and calling particular attention to the mobile search business. How did search perform and what’s next for the channel?
How to use social media at every stage of the sales funnel
Many customers are using social media more than ever before and the challenge doesn’t stop at marketing.
How successful were publishers jumping on the James Bond publicity bandwagon?
Publishers used James Bond’s latest adventure Spectre for their own content marketing efforts. Here's how they performed.
10 years of Google Analytics… and 10 features you’re probably not using
Back in 2003 Google bought a company called Urchin Software, and subsequently launched the first free, commercial-grade analytics platform. How time flies!
Eight steps for an advanced PPC competitor analysis
The battle for leads, customers and revenue through PPC advertising is fierce and it’s getting harder and harder to differentiate yourself.
Are beacons the most disruptive force in mobile search?
Warning: contains unfettered references to Star Wars, but happily no Force Awakens spoilers.
Lowe’s: the customer journey from search to checkout
In which we take a look at the experience of searching for a product, testing the relevancy and helpfulness of its PPC ad, the subsequent landing page and clicking-through to purchase an item, all from a customer’s point of view.
Case study: will new domain extensions provide an SEO boost?
While many in the SEO community debunk the myths that the new domain extensions will have any impact on SEO status, others have proven otherwise.
Three things advertisers should consider about Yahoo and Google’s deal
While many in the SEO community debunk the myths that the new domain extensions will have any impact on SEO status, pioneers in the space have proven otherwise.
10 things to look for in your site search data
The terms that visitors type into your site search box can provide valuable insight which can be used in other marketing efforts.
Nine fascinating SEM news stories and stats from this week
Just like the current series of The Muppets, our weekly programme has been put on hiatus for re-tooling.
How retailers can use how-to guides for content marketing
We look at how retailers can use useful advisory content to drive sales, brand awareness and search traffic.
Three reasons why the search industry needs a shake up
Google might be the biggest and richest company around, but its dominance means that the online search industry has stagnated.
Four benefits of aligning SEO and UX when building your website
In its simplest form, SEO is often thought of as rankings on a search results page. Truth is, that’s only part of the story.
Four easy calculated metrics you can implement in Google Analytics
Until now there was one little feature that was missing but it’s finally here: the ability to create personalized metrics from existing ones.
How can marketers use TV ads to drive searches?
In this post I'll look at some examples, stats and suggested best practices.
AdWords Scripts: how to find landing page errors
If you are managing a large-scale AdWords account this holiday season, it’s important that you stay on top of it.