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by Matt C.:

Fun mosaic effect with Go
A few months ago I saw a cool mosaic effect in a Wired ad for CA Technologies. Here’s what part of the ad looked like: I liked the ad, so I wondered how they did it. Can you see out how to create a similar effect? Take a minute to figure it out as an […]
An investment reading list
If you’ve read Scott Adams’ financial advice and my financial tips in case you win a startup lottery, then you might be interested in a few more pointers to good resources. Some web pages and books: – Don’t Play the Losers’ Game, by Henry Blodget. This is a short, accessible piece that explains why picking […]
New 30 day challenge: “hermit mode”
I’ve been spending more time surfing the web on my laptop than I’d like to. I’ve also noticed more emails that lure me into short tasks, but eventually eat up a large chunk of my day. I’d prefer to be spending more time working on projects, reading, and unplugging. So my new 30 day challenge […]
30 day challenge wrap-up: writing
So how did I do on my 30 day writing challenge? Well, the picture tells the story: Not too bad! I did miss one day, but here’s a secret about 30 day challenges: if you miss a day or two, you can just keep doing the challenge for another day or so at the end. […]
Buy Viagra online?
Working in webspam, we sometimes use the phrase “buy Viagra online” as an example of a search query that might be spammy. That’s why I noticed and remembered the 2013 announcement that you can officially buy Viagra online. As this Time article points out, you’ve actually been able to buy Viagra online through legitimate pharmacy […]
Thanksgiving turkey hat
Because not every blog post has to be serious: Special thanks to my friend Amy who crocheted this masterpiece! Amy also works with an awesome group of volunteers that crochets dolls for kids fighting cancer and other illnesses.
Nine hard-won lessons about money and investing
Any time you talk about money, you risk sounding like a jerk. I’m going to take that risk in this post. I’ll start out by talking about a couple ways I shot myself in the foot financially and what I learned as a result. Your mileage may vary. Before we start, you might want to […]
I’m thankful for family and friends and good health and so many wonderful people I’ve had the pleasure of working with at Google. But I’m also thankful for airplanes: “You want to see your family? It would take months to walk to them, but come sit in this metal tube and thanks to some interesting […]
Election Day should be a holiday
I’m looking at this list of federal holidays, and you know what I’m thinking? I’m thinking fuck Columbus Day. Who the hell cares about Columbus Day except for mattress stores? Instead, let’s scratch Columbus Day and make Election Day a national holiday. Turnout on Election Day was only 36.6 percent in 2014, according to Senator […]
Google has a pretty good culture of doing postmortems. When something fails, someone close to the failure tries to document what happened and why. A good postmortem document should also point the way to avoid similar mistakes in the future. Mistakes happen, but you don’t want to make the same mistakes over and over again. […]
Bing Integrates AMBER Alerts and Updates Local Search on Mobile
Bing has integrated AMBER Alerts into its search engine, as well as enhanced its local search capabilities for mobile.
3 Ways We Failed at B2B PPC in 2014
In the spirit of reflection as the year comes to a close, here are three PPC scenarios from the past year that just didn’t pan out.
4 SEO Answers Your Development Team Needs in 2015
As we move into 2015 we have a responsibility as SEOs to positively shape the outcome of any Web development project we’re a part of. That means providing answers to questions posed by stakeholders and the developers about the current state of search.
New Google Metric Reveals Which Products Drive Store Visits
Now, with the help of a new metric called "store visit measurement," advertisers in the U.S. can decide which products to include in their search listings.
Disruptive Search Forces in 2015 and Beyond
When we consider the disruptive force that search is playing in the health care and education systems, it’s not such a gigantic step for us to leverage it to disrupt how we measure search campaign successes 2015.
Complementary Services for Link-Building
If you provide services that are complementary to those of another website, that’s an obvious reason to collaborate and exchange links, boosting your SEO ranking.
The Power of Social Advertising and Custom Website Audiences for Panda and Penguin Victims
Social can help SEO. Learn how Panda and Penguin victims can use custom website audiences via Facebook and Twitter to increase targeted traffic, social sharing, inbound links, and more.
8 Innovative SEM Tips From Those in the Know
When you’re trying to improve your search engine marketing, there’s no better place to look than the advice of those who have already had a winning strategy. Here are eight SEM tips from those in the know on how to improve the way you market your brand next year and beyond.
Google Faces $18.7M Fine in Netherlands for Privacy Violations
The search giant has been ordered to change the way it collects data to target advertising, or face a significantly large fine.
The Ice Bucket Challenge and World Cup Brighten Up Google's 2014 Searches
2014 was a year full of worry over Ebola and the Malaysia Airlines flight. However, bright spots such as the World Cup and the Ice Bucket Challenge still managed to trend with positive headlines.
3 Sneaky Ways to Bid on Competitor Keywords
It is possible to bid on competitor brands and get decent quality scores and traffic, so here are three sneaky ways to bid on competitor keywords.
How to Make Sure Your Link Dev Isn't Working Against All Your Other Marketing (and Vice Versa)
In order to make sure you're getting the most out of your link-building efforts, there needs to be strong communication between all members of your organization.
Facebook Drops Microsoft's Bing to Do Its Own Search Thing
Facebook's relationship status with Microsoft's Bing has changed to "it's complicated."
Google Revamps "The Customer Journey to Online Purchase" Tool
The company has improved its marketing tool "The Customer Journey to Online Purchase" with a few updates.
Is SEO Still Worth It in 2015?
Let's cut to the chase: Of course SEO is still worth it. If you have been having trouble determining what to spend, here are some calculations to help you develop a budget.
What Is Viewability and Should We Apply It to Link Acquisition?
Should SEOs concern themselves with viewability, and how should we apply it to link-building techniques?
Google to Leave Russia
On the heels of the announcement that Google News will cease operation in Spain, the search giant will also be pulling out of Russia, as a result of a restrictive new law.
Amazon App Pulled From Google Play Search Listings
Earlier this year, Amazon replaced its Android app with a new version that contained a hidden app store. Eliminating a competitor from within its own app store, Google removed Amazon's app.
5 New Year’s Resolutions for Paid Search in 2015
The beginning of a new year can be a great time to establish some PPC resolutions to help better manage your campaigns, and potentially improve overall account performance.
Amazon Goes for Google’s Jugular With New Service
Amazon is reportedly branching out beyond just selling products into selling services through the newly announced "Amazon Travel."
Bing Adds Search to Microsoft Office
Users will soon be able to search with Bing within Microsoft Office Word Online, following an upgrade to Bing's main SERP that keeps important information at the top.
2015 Guide to Penalty-Safe Link Earning
Earning links clearly takes time and massive effort, but the results are worth it. Here are some tips for getting started.
Mobile Search: Not Just on the Go
A new study from Yahoo shows that more and more mobile searches are happening in the home, where PCs or laptops are also available. How can marketers take advantage of this?
How SEO Actually Improves Content Quality
In spite of the many people that might state otherwise, SEO and content can actually be best friends - here's a look at why.
Google Launches New AdWords Editor
Following a recap of AdWords' 2014 highlights, vice president of product management Jerry Dischler announced AdWords Editor 11 on a livestream.
Why a Mobile-Friendly Website Is Essential to a Successful SEO Strategy in 2015
Some organizations are still resistant to having a mobile-friendly website, either because they lack the resources or don’t see the value. If you want to be relevant in 2015 on Google, now is the time to begin building a mobile-friendly website.
Examining Search and Social Behavior for Holiday Shopping
Here's a look at some search and social trends that occurred over the past few weeks, with a focus on Black Friday and Cyber Monday.
Avoiding Content Marketing Spam: Content & SEO Culture, Process, Ownership
Before you map your 2015 content and SEO strategy, understand the different types of content that your organization needs, and have processes in place for authoring and production of different types of content.
How to Prevent Client Failures in SEO Public Relations
Taking the time to prepare your SEO client to effectively speak to the media can help you successfully move out of any SEO silo.
Microsoft Adds Shake & Search Feature to Torque 2.0
Based on consumer feedback, Microsoft has made tweaks to the app and introduced Torque 2.0 for Android phones.
Simple Ways to Maximize Search Traffic Return From Your Content
It’s a lot of effort, but the knowledge that you are creating content specifically to capture key search opportunity will ultimately make that much more rewarding.
5 SEO Strategies That Will Still Work in 2015
SEO is not dead, but you will have to do things differently in the coming year.
3 Ways Google Penalties Have Pulled SEO Out of the Gutter
You’d think that SEOs would be frustrated and angry with Google, exasperated with clients, and at their wit’s end with the entire industry. But the remarks from about 60 professional SEOs tell a different story.
Facebook Upgrades Its Search Capability
Later this week, Facebook will roll out an enhanced Facebook Search that will allow users to search for specific posts.
YP Partners With Fandango for Movie Search and Ticket Purchasing
Integrating with big names like Goodzer, GrubHub, OpenTable, and now Fandango helps the former stand out in the crowded search space.
The Future of Google’s Search Algorithm: Refinement Vs. Overhaul
Does it make more sense for Google to completely change its search algorithm, or to further refine the signals it uses?
Early Holiday Paid Search Data and What It Means for 2015 Strategy
In today's fluctuating search world, marketers should turn to predictive technology to help them plan for the year ahead.
Power-Packed SEO: How to Make Your Content Work 10 Times Harder
Rather than having one scrawny campaign for each channel, why not take advantage of the synergies that can happen by combining them all into one meaty campaign?
Mindshare and Google Collaborate to Create Search As Signal
Search As Signal provides real-time insights that have the potential to influence keyword search and paid media choices.
Yahoo Sees Jump in Firefox Searches
Since replacing Google as Mozilla's default search engine, Yahoo has seen a surge in searches on the newest version of Firefox, according to data from December 2.