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by Matt C.:

Give Google Contributor a try
Recently I’ve seen several interesting conversations about ad blocking, and I wanted to remind people about a great offering called Google Contributor. With Google Contributor, you contribute a certain amount of money each month. That subscription means that you see fewer ads on the web, and you support the sites that you visit with your […]
Berkshire Hathaway
My taste in financial advice runs toward the simple and the lessons I’ve learned the hard way. But I still like reading about investing/finance, and I recently read through the 2014 annual report for Berkshire Hathaway. Given that it was the 50th anniversary of Warren Buffett taking charge of Berkshire, I have to admit that […]
My next project: AutoSEO
This was an April Fool’s joke. I’ve been working really hard with some friends on a project to handle SEO automatically. Now we’re ready to take the wraps off it over at One of the ideas that helped the World Wide Web succeed was that it separated presentation and content. You could write your […]
Next 30 day challenge: social media/news cleanse
For January 2015, I tried to declutter around the house for 15 minutes a day. We now have a couple rooms that are much cleaner, and I gave away a bunch of magazines. For February 2015, my 30 day challenge was to go on daily 15 minute walks with my wife. That was nice. Lately […]
Fixing “full path disclosure” issues
Whether you’re running a web service or a blog, you should always keep your software fully patched to prevent attacks and minimize your attack surface. Another smart step is to prevent full path disclosures. For example, if your blog or service throws an error like “Warning: require(ABSPATHwp-includes/load.php) [function.require]: failed to open stream: No such file […]
Lessons learned from the early days of Google
Earlier this month I did a talk at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill about lessons learned from the early days of Google. The video is now online and watchable, or you can watch it on YouTube: We did the talk in a pretty large room, and the camera at the back of […]
My two favorite books of 2014
I’d like to mention two books that stood out for me in 2014: Nonfiction: The First 20 Minutes. Gretchen Reynolds is a New York Times columnist who distills health and exercise research down to practical, readable advice. I’ve never dog-eared as many pages in a book as The First 20 Minutes. Reynolds writes about why […]
Fun mosaic effect with Go
A few months ago I saw a cool mosaic effect in a Wired ad for CA Technologies. Here’s what part of the ad looked like: I liked the ad, so I wondered how they did it. Can you see out how to create a similar effect? Take a minute to figure it out as an […]
An investment reading list
If you’ve read Scott Adams’ financial advice and my financial tips in case you win a startup lottery, then you might be interested in a few more pointers to good resources. Some web pages and books: – Don’t Play the Losers’ Game, by Henry Blodget. This is a short, accessible piece that explains why picking […]
New 30 day challenge: “hermit mode”
I’ve been spending more time surfing the web on my laptop than I’d like to. I’ve also noticed more emails that lure me into short tasks, but eventually eat up a large chunk of my day. I’d prefer to be spending more time working on projects, reading, and unplugging. So my new 30 day challenge […]
Which Ranking Factors are Important for Mobile Sites?
Mobilegeddon doesn't seem to have had the impact some predicted, but a new study shows some small changes in the mobile search rankings.
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The latest advancement in personalization, Google's new Custom Match feature will increase ad targeting potential. How can marketers effectively use this tool to their advantage?
Is Your New Content the 'Right' Content?
Successful content expansion is not measured by continuous efforts to churn out whatever is trending. Rather, it entails a thorough analysis of your target audience's interests and needs.
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It's been argued that SEO is simply about creating great content, but there's much more to it than that.
How Manual Citation Building Compares to Automated Listing Management Tools
Citation building is an imperative process for local SEO. This can help you determine whether automated listing management tools or a manual approach will best match your objectives.
Never Losing the 'What' of Digital Advertising
From media platforms like Pinterest to e-commerce sites like Amazon, brand-to-consumer communication remains driven by search with a comprehension of customer intent the epicenter.
Why Your PPC Bidding Needs to Evolve
As SEM continues to evolve, so too should your strategies. Here's how you can align PPC bidding strategy with current keyword performance to effectively optimize campaigns.
Internal Linking for SEO: Examples and Best Practices
Internal linking is a key SEO tactic for publishers. In this post I’ll look at what it is, why it’s important, and provide some key tips for an effective internal linking strategy.
Do You Have a Diversified Local Strategy?
Now that Google has reduced its local listing positions, brands using a limited ad strategy deter ranking efforts. Here’s why it’s important to have a diverse marketing strategy.
Focusing on Consumer Attitude to Understand Behavior
For a thorough analysis of customer behavior, marketers should exercise consumer surveys and execute usability testing on websites. Here is why these tactics are beneficial to strategy.
On-Page, Link Signals the Most Important Local Ranking Factors
Moz just released the results of another survey in which respondents ranked local ranking factors, noting which ones they've paid more attention to since Google switched to three-packs.
3 Reasons to Stop Bidding on 90 Percent of Your Keywords
To bid or not to bid? That is the question. Use this guide to determine an effective strategy for bidding on the right keywords and ultimately turn substantial profits.
Why Feed Optimization Is Critical for a Successful Ad Campaign
Here are some helpful instructions for using keywords to effectively execute feed optimization for ad campaigns, a key PPC practice.
Does Video Enhance Predictive Search?
Predictive search is nothing new, but as YouTube has grown to the second-largest search engine, it's spread to video. Does that help it? Experts say yes, both in direct and indirect ways.
How Much Time Does SEO Really Take?
Initiating an effective SEO campaign is time-consuming, but it's essential for success in the competitive digital landscape. Here's a basic breakdown of the process.
Halloween Tricks and Treats for Digital Marketers
The holiday shopping season is the most significant time of year for digital marketers, starting with Halloween. Consider these insights and optimize your ad campaign strategy.
Grow Your Audience, Business Intelligence Database with Google AdWords
Optimize your PPC ad campaign by effectively leveraging the functionality of Google AdWords. Here's an easy way to collect customer persona data that is actionable and targetable.
4 Tips for Optimizing FAQ Pages for Search
Improving the customer experience will ultimately lead to increased engagement with your brand. Here are some helpful suggestions to help optimize your site's FAQ pages.
Fake YouTube Views Still Monetized by Google
Analyzing fake views for major video portals, a team of European researchers found that YouTube's fraud detection is by far the most sophisticated - but it still charges for those views.
Why It's Time to Rethink Your PPC Ad Extensions
Now that Google has announced the debut of its Structured Snippets ad extension for AdWords, how will this new addition impact your overall PPC campaign strategy?
Future-Proof Your SEO Career in a Mobile World
Sustaining success in SEO is contingent on the ability to adapt to a mobile-driven world. How does the evolution of organic search correlate with mobile's current influence on the digital landscape?
Facebook Drops Rich Snippets from Search Results
Rich snippets for Facebook pages are no longer showing up in Google searches, though Yelp and YP continue to have their review stars. Could spammy Facebook ratings be a factor?
Is Your Content Working Better for Someone Else?
Sites which scrape and copy content from the others are often able to outrank the original source and damage their search rankings. In this post, I'll look at some examples of this issue and what can be done about it.
The Time to Transition to Bing Shopping Campaigns Is Now
If you presently use Product Ads, consider these insights about the benefits of upgrading to Bing Shopping Campaigns. Here's a step-by-step tutorial to help you make a fluid transition.
10 Ways to Improve Your Link Building Efforts
To enhance your current link building strategy, use these 10 tips for choosing partners, optimizing communication, calculating effectiveness, and delivering valuable content.
France Rejects Google's 'Right to Be Forgotten' Appeal
Having appealed France's "right to be forgotten" ruling, Google was rejected on the grounds that the company only delinked regionally, rather than across all its global search sites.
Gaming Google in 2015
Is gaming Google a suitable exercise to effectively engage with SEO and optimize a website's search ranking results? Here's why this strategy still has value in 2015.
Why Keywords Can Still Drive Architecture and Content
These observations highlight the value of keywords in SEO. Use these strategic insights to effectively implement targetable phrases that impact consumers'search results.
Repeated Spammers to Get Harsher Penalties From Google
Though Google hasn't explicitly said how repeated spam violators will be punished, the company said multiple violations "may make a successful reconsideration process more difficult to achieve."
Alphabet Creates More Localization Opportunities, Says Forrester
A new Forrester report discusses how restructuring under Alphabet could help Google fix its issues in Europe an China, as well as leverage local data, storage, and talent.
5 Ways Video Interviews Attract Authority Links
Video interviews with industry authorities are an effective way to encourage more linking and sharing for your site. Consider this strategy for creating content to attract quality links.
6 Essential Research Studies That Marketers Shouldn’t Miss
This analysis of data from six research studies represents the current scope of the digital marketing industry. Use these insights to build effective and profitable campaigns.
Google Phases Out Google+ Even Further - Or Does It?
Google has just dropped Google+ links and reviews from search results. Is Google+ really on its way out, or is the search giant slowly working on rebranding the platform?
Inside the Mind of the Small Business Owner
Due to the accessibility of digital marketing resources, many small business owners become self taught online marketers. This explains the advantages of taking a DIY marketing approach.
Digital PR on Steroids: How to Guarantee Campaign Success
Building brand awareness with long-term value in organic search requires a strong digital PR campaign. Use these tips to create and execute a successful online PR strategy.
Google Found Guilty of Stifling Russian Competition
Per an anti-trust complaint filed by Yandex, Google has been found guilty of preloading Android devices with its own apps and banning others. What does this mean for Google's competition with Yandex?
5 AdWords Filters to Make Your Job Easier
Improve the execution of PPC marketing campaigns by taking advantage of the many filtering features in Google AdWords. Here are five fundamental filters that are easy to operate.
Increasing App Visibility with Google Play and New Ad Opportunities
In response to mobile consumers' propensity for app use over Internet browsers, advertising innovations such as search apps on Google Play carve out the latest niche in digital marketing.
SMBs Don't Prioritize SEO
According to new research from the Small Business Authority, only 17 percent of small business owners invest in SEO. This is often due to limited budgets mixed with a lack of understanding.
Scaling Link-Building: Sustainable Practices for Enterprise Clients
How does one effectively scale link-building campaigns that earn quality results? These are suggestions for executing sustainable practices that your clients will appreciate.